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Apr 15

7. Aisha, 29

“Traveling has to be a priority, if it’s something you want to do. You can’t just say ‘I want to travel’ and hope that you will find the right moment. You don’t just stumble on the right moment, you have to make it and fight for it.”

(25 People On The One Thing They Wish They Knew At 25)

Apr 06
Apr 06
Apr 06

woa. eternal sunshine, huh

anything dealing with memories or being able to remember your memories …really fucks with my head for some reason. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That move was one of those things. 

I think the only way to know what the intended meaning was for the film is to know what sort of relationship issues the writer/ director dealt with. 

Because sitting here. The only scope I can understand it through, is my own… 

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Mar 15

http://thoughtcatalog.com/brianna-wiest/2014/02/how-the-people-we-once-loved-become-strangers-again/ →

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Mar 05


Feb 27
my thoughts on the morning of the first full day I was in India, reading this gives me the chills 

my thoughts on the morning of the first full day I was in India, reading this gives me the chills 

Feb 26
Feb 26

The Power of Words

26 letters. It doesn’t sound like many, but mixed in different combinations, you can make TONS of words, but you already knew that… What you then do with these words can be very powerful. Take these words and combine them in different orders with different punctuation, and Bam! ..you have a document containing emotions or feelings or a memory.  Put those words together well enough, and you can relive a moment of the past.  Put them together really well, and you can let a stranger relive a moment of your past. - That is beautiful. Years and years can pass, but your words can be left behind.  Words on that page could have been written by a scientist, or a traveler, or someones loved one leaving for war.  They could be famous or they could be ordinary.  The words they so strategically placed together, could have meaning to you.  They could have been from the 1600s, and that person could have been feeling a way that you’re feeling right now. How could that be.  Write about things, document it all - because one day you’ll forget how you felt about graduating college at 21 years old …and those could be some meaningful thoughts, even years down the road. 

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Feb 25

time travel

They say that something weird happens in your brain when you walk through a door way.  Like you suddenly forget why you were headed into that room in the first place.  I think something similar, but way more intense happens when you step on/ off a plane ride.  By the time I returned in the United States, I had forgotten pieces of my life over here.  I was nervous to get in the drivers seat .. partly because I wasn’t sure I would remember American driving very well, but mostly because I couldn’t recall how to get anywhere.  I knew general directions and once on the way somewhere, I would be able to figure it out step by step… but when sitting stationary, I wouldn’t be able to recite the directions to any one specific destination.  It was an odd feeling.

Before I left, one month sounded like a very long time, there it moved by fairly quickly, and by the time I got back here - it felt like I was gone for at least twice that amount of time.